Challenges and Opportunities from WEB3, AI, AND QUANTUM COMPUTING (WAIQ)

A summer course at RCC at Harvard University

We are excited to announce the launch of our summer course titled “Web3, AI, and QUANTUM COMPUTING (WAIQ): Challenges and Opportunities for Innovators, Legal Professionals, and Other Curious Minds.” This course offers a comprehensive understanding of the impact of Web3, AI, and Quantum Computing from technical, legal, and ethical perspectives, aimed at engineers, legal professionals, and individuals interested in emerging technologies.

Web3, the decentralized web built on blockchain technology, AI, the rapidly growing field revolutionizing legal services, and Quantum Computing, which exponentially increases data processing speed and capacity, are the three major areas of focus in this course.

Participants will explore the challenges and opportunities these emerging technologies present to the legal profession, gain insights into how they are being used to solve legal problems, and examine the ethical considerations that arise when using them. The course will also discuss the current discussions on the regulation of these new technologies.

The course welcomes innovators, engineers, legal professionals, entrepreneurs, and anyone interested in exploring the intersection between technology and law. No prior experience or knowledge in the field is required.

The course will be held in July at RCC, located in Cambridge, Massachusetts, at Harvard University. Interested individuals can request more information and begin the registration process through the provided link. Don’t miss this opportunity to expand your knowledge and skills in Web3, Quantum, and Artificial Intelligence, and their legal and regulatory considerations.

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